Sunday, August 30, 2009

August in Michigan

As you will see from the pictures below, August has been full of smiles and laughter. However, it has definitely been full of it's share of ups and downs. I have been pretty down with morning sickness (which seems to be improving over the past week...keep your fingers crossed). But, that hasn't kept our little guy from enjoying each day. He is such a happy baby...we are so blessed! We did have our first trip to the ER this month with a fall out of a shopping cart...I don't know who was shook up more, Mommy or Brooks. But, all is well. Brooks is in to absolutely everything, but with baby gates up and cabinet locks in place...I think we're well prepared. Of course, we are preparing for a big birthday in September. I can't believe it has been a year since we brought our little one home from the hospital! It goes by too fast! Anyways, below are a few pictures that I thought would be fun to share. We miss you all and can't wait to see some of you for the big party here in Michigan:)

We broke down and let Brooks try out his birthday present from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa a little authentic John Deere wagon. As you can tell, he approves.

Daddy and Brooks time:)

Learning to walk...

Brooks the water baby...

At the beach, here in Michigan...not quite Bora Bora

Having fun at a playdate:)

Daddy will kill me for posting this pic...he was not too hot on the pink pony!

These last few are just a few of his fun little faces. So cute:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There's no place like home!

Brooks and mommy flew to Kansas the last week of July, and then daddy met us there a week later to celebrate the Fourth. It is always such a blessing to spend time with our families. We miss them all so much up here in Michigan, so these visits mean more than words can say. Brooks had so much fun making memories with Grammy and Grandpa. He's counting the days until he gets to see them again!

During our time in Kansas, Brooks spent much of it in the water. He loved swimming in Grammy's sand box the best, but also had fun swimming in the lake and at the water park.

Aunt Kimberly and cousins Hayden and Hadley drove up from Tulsa for the weekend to play with Brooks. As you can see, Brooks and Hayden have a special bond! But, he sure loves his cousin Hadley as well. It will be so amazing over the next few years to watch these kids growing up together:)

Brooks got to spend a little more time with his Great Uncle Steve this time. I think you can tell how much he enjoyed this!

Of course, we couldn't head west without seeing Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Blankenship. We were very blessed that they took the long drive from Missouri and came to stay the night with us in Kansas. We loved every minute of it! It was also great to get the rest of the grandparents together as well. What an amazingly lucky little boy to have three great grandmothers and one great grandfather who love him this much!!!!

All the Great Grandmothers had to take a break and admire Great Grandma Jody's shoes:)

I think it's obvious by the look on his face that Brooks didn't know what to think when Great Grandpa put on the Fourth of July hat and sand God Bless America (or atleast attempted to)...

The Fourth was extra special since Brooks had never seen fireworks before. Just being together was the best part of all!

Brooks gazing at the fireworks in the sky...

What a special trip...but, even a special trip like this comes to a close. Watching our son enjoy all of his first holidays is amazing. And, it's even more exciting that we will be doing it all over again next year. We are currently 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and things are going well, besides the fact that mommy is pretty sick all of the time. It's a little more difficult to handle this time around with a 10 1/2 month old to take care of. But, God has blessed us beyond measure and we couldn't be more excited to welcome our new baby in February. Thank you to all of you for the love, support, and prayers you have given. We miss you each day and look forward to the journey that lies ahead!

Love my Daddy!

As a mommy, there is nothing sweeter than watching the love and joy that daddy and baby share. It is so amazing to watch Brooks light up when Adam comes home at night. I am so excited to watch as "my boys" grow together through the years.

Brooks and daddy on Father's Day heading to Buffalo Wild Wings (daddy's request)

And, Brooks and daddy after Buffalo Wild you can see, all of the boys in the house (including Shocker and Tiger) were a little pooped

To finish off this day, we headed outside. One of the things that Brooks likes to do now is sit out in his stroller with a teething biscuit while watching mommy and daddy play croquet (or as mommy likes to put it...crochet). Of course, things tend to get a little messy:)